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Du Pont de Nemours I.S.A.

An investment in DuPont is an investment in science, not for science’s sake, but as the engine for DuPont’s business growth.

Our unique combination of sciences, proven research and development, broad global reach and deep market penetration give us distinct competitive advantages. We are the world’s premier science company in the business of finding market-driven solutions that harness the power of science to address some of the world’s biggest challenges: food security, protection of the environment and people, and renewable energy.

For more than five years, DuPont has been executing against a clear strategy to build a higher growth, higher value company. We are focusing our investment in the segments of our portfolio where we can drive innovation to better meet customer needs.

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We are extending our leadership in the high-value, science-driven segments of the agriculture-to-food value chains, leveraging linkages across these segments. Market demand in this area is driven by population growth and economic development, creating the need for safer and more abundant foods for our customers.